Our choices today impact our tomorrow. At DEINDE, we envision a bio-based future – led by advances in biotech. Reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and preserving limited natural resources for global food supply starts with decisions we make today.


Our decisions now – however small – help ripple into the bio-based future we envision. 


+ Our formulas are made with more than 90% bio-based ingredients. We prioritize biotech ingredients to provide highly effective and safe performance, while reducing our environmental footprint from plant cultivation or fossil-fuel derived ingredients (like silicones). Where we use plant ingredients because biotech options don’t currently exist, we’re prioritizing green chemistry processes and upcycled, renewable, or regenerative farmed sources. 


+ Our packaging is reviewed for waste and energy footprints. Our cartons are made of FSC and SFI-certified recycled fiberboard and printed with Cradle-to-Cradle certified ink in a facility using 100% wind power. Our structures currently use just 10% of virgin plastic material that is derived from a direct petroleum source. We’ve prioritized glass, PCR and bioresins to transition from the industry’s direct use of fossil fuels.  


Enabling a fully bio-based future comes with advancing biotech’s capabilities, and enriching the impact and reach of the industry as a whole. 


+ The revolution of biotech ingredients is just beginning. We target our formulas to include >95% bio-based ingredients. As advances in high-performance biotech ingredients are made, our formulas will increase the number of biotech ingredients used and replace petrochemical or plant-based materials to be more effective and environmentally responsible. 


+ Our hero biotech ingredients, like Naringenin, will use locally sourced, upcycled glycerin from biodiesel waste as a starter material, to replace the traditional plant-derived inputs in the fermentation process, effectively reducing our energy and land impact further. 


+ We will invest in the biotech community and resources, creating awareness and public education of our mission to create a bio-based future via biotech.