Biotech Biotech

Biotech is the future of skincare.

Low-impact with unmatched performance — here, the possibilities are truly infinite.

What is Biotech?

Biotech builds a bridge: one which recognizes that nature is innate in its wisdom and cutting-edge science further enhances and innovates.     

A vital ally in developing exceptional formulations, biotech produces ingredients that are biologically identical to what we find in nature — while reducing collective environmental impact. It’s an opportunity to raise the standard of ingredients from natural to noteworthy and novel. 

Through rigorous scientific processes including AI-based ingredient selection, strain engineering, and novel fermentation techniques, DEINDE approaches biotech as the nexus between science, technology, and skincare.  


Ingredient Philosophy

We shouldn’t be questioning the age of our skin, but rather its fundamental health. And if skin needs extra support, we embrace ingredients that amplify our body’s natural processes.     

Biotech is the key to unlocking countless never-before-accessed bioactive ingredients and high-performance formulations. This is the opportunity to evolve far past a limiting collection of cosmetic actives (ex. Vitamin C). There’s a whole world of vibrant, diverse, and peak-performing plant actives to explore — and biotech bridges the gap while ensuring ingredients deliver their highest potency.   

Debut Biotech

Harness the power and potency of the best in nature, without causing harm — this is the power of biotech. 

DEINDE is the brainchild project of Debut, the Unconventional Innovation Lab. Made up of phenomenal scientists, brilliant commercialization experts, and entrepreneurial thinkers, our team asks: how can we harness biotech for the good of people and the planet?

Debut is exploring new frontiers: from understanding what slows down inflammaging to innovating SPF boosters, from creating a revolutionary new approach to cosmetic ingredient biofermentation to delivering high-potency safe and pure ingredients.  


By the numbers:  

  • 65+ patents  
  • 30+ phD’s 
  • 7,000+ plant molecules reviewed
  • 250+ novel biotech ingredients tested

Naringenin is next level

Naringenin, a naturally occuring polyphenol, found in citrus peels, is our secret weapon when it comes to reducing inflammaging.

If you were to extract Naringenin direct from the source, you’d find that the % found in grapefruit peel is incredibly low.

IL-6 is a key marker that regulates inflammatory response.

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Naringenin is scientifically proven to reduce the production and release of IL-6.

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This refers to the baseline relationship between the skin and levels of IL-6 without stress. 

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This refers to stimulated levels of stress in an in-vitro cell model. The Debut team added a proprietary cocktail of stressors to skin cells to simulate daily disruptions.

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At this level, Naringenin reduces the inflammaging marker back to a neutral state.

.45% of Naringenin is the topical equivalence of the amount tested.

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Niacinamide, known for reducing inflammation, only slightly reduces inflammatory modules and required in higher concentration.

This amount on Niacinamide is considered clinically relevant in the skincare industry.

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Based on data from 2023 Debut in-vitro.