denday den•day

den • day (adverb, Latin): next, then, thereafter

DEINDE is what’s next in skin science — pioneering preventative skincare by targeting inflammaging with biotech innovation.

DEINDE moisture-locking face stick texture

This changes everything

Revolutionary scientific research has identified inflammaging (chronic low-level inflammation) as the critical driver of visible skin aging. Skincare as we know it will never be the same.   

Inflammaging 101

Small actions today
for lasting impact

This doesn’t just apply to our daily habits, but for the future we envision for ourselves, our communities, and our planet.

This Is The Future We Envision

Discovered in Nature
Enhanced by Biotech

We have an opportunity to raise the standard of ingredients in the beauty industry from natural to noteworthy. We've harnessed the power of ingredients found in nature and improved them through the science of biotech.  

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