DEINDE Brand Vision

DEINDE Brand Vision

Katherine Guerrero

DEINDE Contributor

DEINDE (den • day) is Latin for ‘next, then, thereafter.’ At DEINDE, we invest in what’s next: for skin, for the beauty industry, and for the planet.


We believe skin is worth investing in. We build rainy-day funds, map our careers, and connect to our community — to help craft our dream lives. We believe skin health should follow the same principle: the small steps we take today are the start of what comes next.


At DEINDE, our mission is to sustain the health of our skin and the planet for a better future, by pioneering clean, biotech-powered, preventative skincare products.


DEINDE is the first line to target and prevent inflammaging — what scientists now believe to be a root cause of aging. Characterized by silent, yet persistent low-grade inflammation, inflammaging prolongs unhealthy cellular functions that can lead to the degradation of the skin’s cellular matrix. By interrupting inflammaging, we can strengthen our skin from daily disruptions, sustain firmness and elasticity, and promote its longevity.    


Here’s how DEINDE is doing our part to build what’s next:


→ Inflammaging Science & Education

This breakthrough understanding of aging mechanisms is beginning to gain traction outside the scientific community —  1,500+ peer-reviewed publications have found that inflammaging can be interrupted before irreversible collagen and elastin damage. DEINDE aims to demystify inflammaging and bring this complex, yet critical process, into the skincare lexicon, while supporting and illuminating further scientific research in this field.


→ Biotech Ingredient Innovation 

Through biotech, we're bringing novel cosmetic active ingredients to the table. Biotech not only delivers high-potency formulations with precision dosage but does so with considerably less environmental impact. This lab-based fermentation approach advances how we think about sustainable production: preserving land for critical food scarcity and biodiversity needs, thinking beyond packaging, and ensuring that the industry critically looks at the carbon and ecosystem footprint of ingredient supply chains. 


→ Celebrating Small Steps

We believe that the small steps we take now create a better future for all. With each ingredient advancement, each scientific breakthrough, each healthy choice, we champion, and create what comes next. While skin care is an individual journey, advancing scientific progress and reshaping our relationship with our environment requires us to work collectively together. With every step forward, a new future awaits.